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Technical Services

Our professional and experienced technical officers can help you with any repairs or adaptations that you may require to your home. Our advice services are available to support you, in respect of essential works, to everyone who is  60 or over or any adult with a disability and lives in Wrexham or Flintshire.

We can offer you:-

  • An Initial consultation by telephone to discuss the problems that you are experiencing and decide how best we can provide technical assistance to help solve them.
  • An initial visit to your home by one of our technical officers to assess the repairs and/or adaptations required. We will then provide a report describing any works required including estimates for the costs involved.
  • Full support with the process of selecting and appointing suitable contractors. We maintain a list of Preferred Contractors who are subjected to rigorous and constant checks to ensure that they will provide a quality service and good value for money. The extent of the Technical officers involvement in any building works will depend on what you require and the value and complexity of the project. If appropriate we are able to offer the following services:-
  1.  Preparation of a schedule of works and any necessary technical drawings.
  2. Requesting quotes from contractors or issuing invitations to tender. An analysis of the prices received will then be provided together with recommendations as to which proposal provides the best value.
  3. Arranging an initial meeting on site with the contractor at the start of the project to run through all aspects of the works to be carried out.
  4. Preparation of a building contract to be signed by the client and the contractor which is designed to protect the client in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong.
  5. Supervision of the works through to completion. A final inspection will be arranged and a list of snagging items will be prepared and issued to the contractor.
  6. Assistance with arranging payment to the contractor once all snagging items are complete and the job is signed off.

Care & Repair are also able to offer direct contracting services through our established network of approved subcontractors. More details are available in the Property Maintenance Services section of this website.

The before and after photographs below illustrate some examples of works that were managed by our technical officers:-

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