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Casework Support Services

Our expert Casework team can visit you in your home to listen and discuss any issues that concern you and identify individual solutions for you. We can offer you:

  • Support – Caseworkers can provide personal support and encouragement as client’s prepare for and deal with the disruption that may be caused by any adaptions/building work.
  • Liaise on the client’s behalf –We act as a point of contact between the client, family or carer within various organisations and statuary bodies which provide support.
  • Applications – We can visit the client’s home to help fill in application forms such as Council Tax Reduction forms, and Blue Badge applications.
  • Alternative Housing –We can give advice about alternative housing, permanent or temporary, when remaining in the current home is not an option.
  • Signposting –we signpost and liaise on client’s behalf with appropriate organisations for support tailor made to the client’s needs, for example, Energy Advice Centre, Department of Works and Pension, Royal British Legion, Age Connect, North East Wales Carers Information Service and Avow.

Advice and Information – we can also provide help and information over the telephone, services such as benefit checks and Disabled Facilities Grants financial checks can be completed over the telephone by one of our trained members of staff.

  • Grants/Funding options – We will discuss what repairs and adaptations you need, the possible solutions and provide advice on sources of funding such as Local Authority Property Appreciation loans or Disabled Facilities Grants, insurance claims, self-funding or benevolent funding for the identified works to be carried out and can assist with the completion of forms or other paperwork.

Flintshire Housing Department Website


Wrexham Housing Department Website


Grants search Website


  • Benefits Check – We offer and complete a welfare benefit check to maximise your income and refer you for appropriate benefits to ensure that you are in receipt of your full entitlement.

Welfare benefits calculator link


  • Affordable Warmth – We provide energy efficiency advice, support and solutions including funding options, fuel debt, switching tariffs and suppliers , Warm Home discount and priority service register. Oil filled radiators available when your heating is broken down.

Affordable Warmth Leaflet

Warm Wales House Doctor service

Care and Repair North East Wales are proud to announce the launch of our newest Service ‘House Doctor’ which is a project set up to work in partnership with GP surgeries across Wrexham and Flintshire to improve health conditions by improving housing conditions.

Please see our House Doctor Leaflet for more.


  • Health – We refer clients for Occupational Therapy assessments to assess for equipment and adaptations relating to the clients health needs. We also have trained assessors in the provision of community equipment, where we can assess for equipment and adaptations where the client wants to proceed privately. We assess the client’s risk of falls and refer to the falls coordinator for a falls assessment to reduce the client’s risk of falls; we also refer to other health and counselling services to improve client’s health and wellbeing where necessary.


  • Managing Better/Sensory Impairment – We have a sensory impairment Caseworker who can assist clients who have sensory impairments with needs within their home.


  • Healthy Homes for Discharge – We assist clients who are currently in hospital who cannot return home due to repairs/issues in their property and are holding up discharge. The project acts as a one stop shop for people in hospital with advice and information, we assist with repairs, grants support etc to ensure the client is able to return home in time for planned discharge.

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