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Complaints Procedure

Care and Repair North East Wales welcomes complaints and compliments as one of a number of performance indicators to monitor its service delivery and improve areas identified as requiring improvement.

A complaints procedure should be clear and concise and provide timescales to enable the customer or service user to have assurance that Care and Repair North East Wales are committed to resolving complaints and improving the service they provide.

Care and Repair have a twostep process for complaints and will always aim to resolve your concerns at stage one.

First Step

You will need to write or email your complaint to the Complaints Manager. You need to include as much detail as possible about your complaint, with dates and times if necessary, names of individuals, how you would prefer to be contacted (email, telephone or in writing) and how you would like the complaint to be resolved.

Your complaint can be emailed to enquiries@careandrepairnew.co.uk

Or in writing to:
Complaints Manager
Care and Repair North East Wales Ltd
Rowleys Drive

The details of the complaint will be investigated by the manager of the service area who may contact you direct if any further information is required.  A full response to your complaint will be provided within ten working days but if this is not possible due to the complexity or information required from third parties you will receive a letter confirming why this is not possible and be given a provisional date for response.

Following the investigation you will receive the outcome of the investigation and resolution offered. If you are unhappy with the resolution you can request that your complaint moves to Stage two outlining what part of parts of the response you do not agree with.

Second Step

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, you may write to the Chief Executive at Care and Repair North East Wales Ltd, Rowleys Drive, Shotton CH5 1PY stating why you are not satisfied with the response at stage one.

The Chief Executive will review the initial complaint and the reasons given for appeal and will convene a special meeting of the board (Appeals Committee) The meeting will be convened within ten working days and will consider your written response to why you feel your complaint has not been resolved. They will not consider any new complaints or concerns but will independently review the facts of the initial complaint, your appeal and will decide what action is required. You will receive a formal response as soon as possible after the board has met; this should be within five working days.

Further Action if you are still not satisfied

Although we shall do our utmost to resolve problems as they occur, if after an Appeals Committee you still feel aggrieved, the next recourse for you would be to seek independent legal redress.

A Citizens Advice Bureau, Office of Trading Standards, or a Solicitor would all be able to give you advice as to how to proceed. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau can be found in the telephone directory. Trading Standards can be contacted via Flintshire County Council Offices.

The Role of Care & Repair Cymru

If you are not satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with in accordance with the complaints procedure outlined above you may wish to contact Care & Repair Cymru at
2 Ocean Way
CF24 5TG

Tel: 029 2067 4830

Care & Repair Cymru will not be able to consider the substance or content of your complaint but they will determine if the complains procedure has been followed.


Customers may also contact Care and Repair North East Wales to provide positive feedback about a member of staff, a contractor or a specific job that has been carried out. Customers should be thanked for their compliment and details should be provided to the Chief Executive officer. Staff should be informed of the compliment as soon as practicable.

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