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Board Recruitment Prospectus

February 1st, 2017


With our strategic and operational scope the board recognises it needs to strengthen its governance that ensures with our new partnerships a shared commitment and values based work that delivers strategically. They are highly committed to not only meeting legal and ethical obligations, but to optimising the growth of an organisation that holds people at its heart.

We are now seeking 3- 5 new dynamic board members to join us as we reconstitute an evolving sustainable model that preserves our central values and client centred approach while ensuring the current expansion of the business.


To join us you will be:

  • Committed to our established client centred, values based work
  • Able to work  strategically and understand the difference between strategy and operations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of risk assessment or be committed to undertaking the development in this area
  • Committed to spending the time necessary to help re-develop the organisation
  • Able to appropriately challenge and learn within a strategic body while respecting the views of others
  • Able to be accountable to self and others in keeping with Nolan’s Principles of Public Life 1995 Ireland


We would in particular welcome this skills/experience to round out our board’s expertise:

  • Financial expertise to strengthen board understanding of accounts, risk and audits. Willing to develop collaborative relationship with finance officer and CEO and Chair.. Possible treasurer role available
  • Legal /Governance especially with regards to company law
  • Community/Social Enterprise/ Charity development especially in the areas of Health & Wellbeing and sports
  • Government knowledge and/or political acumen/awareness
  • Residents or experts located in Wrexham and Flintshire


What is expected

  • Dedicated to act as positive ambassadors for Care and Repair and its new group structures
  • Commitment to at least 4 board meetings, several development days and ad hoc meetings as necessary to assist in the full strategic redevelopment of the organisation
  • Commitment to positive partnership working, including bringing to bear networks and relationships that positively  impact the future development of the company


Commitment to board and personal development as needed to fulfill the role

For more information please contact:           

 Wendy Bowden – Agency Manager

Care and Repair


Pamela Ball – Governance Lead

Do-Well (UK) Ltd




CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 9:00 am 27th February 2017

Please submit a cover letter with CV that addresses:

Capabilities, attributes and skills you would bring to the role

Your personal drivers for wanting to join the board

The added value you can bring to Care and Repair’s work

How you would demonstrate your commitment

Details of any specific skills?

Experience in executive management/ board membership

Please return the cover letter and CV electronically to:

Please Note :

Interviews are currently  planned for  6/7 March 2017 .

If you are shortlisted and could not be available for interview on one of these dates please indicate this in your cover letter.

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